Varsity Scouting

Check out the Links: varsity scouting wiki; bsa varsity scouting page; program vol. I (pdf)

As YM leadership and with the support of the Bishopric we have decided that it’s time to implement a Varsity Scouting program for YM 14 and older in the Terre View Ward. We want to get feed-back from Youth and Parents on this move.
This will mean that, at least once a month, Wednesday night will be a Varsity Team meeting. The Varsity program is a more high adventure, sporting and activity oriented program than the normal boy scouts. coque autres galaxy samsung It was specifically designed for youth of this age category.
There are several “programs” within Varsity scouts that each lead up to some final event, which could be high adventure. coque samsung There’s a bit in it for most interests and most of the “programs” are designed to go along with one or more merit badges.
Basically this means, for you, that we will need to register each YM, 14 and up, as a Varsity Scout and that some of the YM will be called on for leadership roles within the Varsity Team. We will also have a varsity coach and assistant varsity coaches as adult leadership.
Each YM will continue to participate in regular boy scouts as well, and can continue to advance towards the Eagle Rank.
This decision was made after reading through church guidelines and policies on scouting and based on the number of 14+ YM that we now have in the Ward and the doors that this opens for opportunities in leadership and more high adventure, which the YM seem to enjoy. coque samsung a8 We are trying to do this as part of our annual rechartering.
This also creates new advancement opportunities. coque autres huawei After completing each program Varsity Scouts earn a varsity letter and pins to add to it. coque samsung a50 It is possible to earn a varsity letter once every 3 months. This program is really geared around being “boy-led”.
We’ve left out a lot of the details, but I’ve provided some links to Varsity Scouting info below, and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about this.

Klondike Derby – Sat. 2/2

February 2nd

capture-20 It’s time for fun in the snow! This year, cover iphone 8 custodia cover iphone custodia outlet cover shop online cover samsung custodia the Klondike Derby is February 2nd. coque iphone 7 custodia iphone outlet cover samsung custodia cover iphone x custodia cover custodia huawei Here’re the details:

Permission Slip — required =)

right-click, iphone cover original cover iphone cover custodia huawei cover iphone x custodia cover iphone 8 plus custodia outlet “Save link as”: Permission_Slip Klondike Derby 2013

Update (1/28/13 @ 7:07 pm): We are looking for a few good men to help out in finishing the sleds tomorrow @ 6:00 pm @ Church in gym. custodia iphone custodia samsung s8 cover custodia samsung samsung custodia outlet Please reply to your previous comment of attendance or email Clint Young @ to verify if you can come.

Scouts for 8/14/2013

Hey All, coque samsung a40 cover custodia samsung We didn’t have a plan for scouts this week since we were going to be camping. coque samsung a6 iphone cover original Since that is not the case, coque iphone 6 custodia de samsung galaxy I’ll leave it to you scouts to decide what you want to do tonight. custodia outlet samsung s8 Three Options:

  1. Go over advancements since we have yet to do this after scout camp.
  2. Water battle and/or Water balloon dodge ball.
  3. Football/Fútbol/Ultimate Friz.

I would also like a head count on tonight, coque samsung a8 cover iphone custodia so whether you vote or not, coque samsung a10 cover iphone custodia please comment to let me know you’ll be there tonight. coque iphone xr iphone cover outlet Thanks,

Stake Merit Badge Clinic – Update

Moscow East Stake

2013 Merit Badge Clinic Schedule

FIRST AID (follow the link for more info on Stake Clinics)

Date: 1-19-13

Counselor: Jake Blazzard

Requirements to do before the clinic: 1 Have current knowledge of all first aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. coque huawei p9 iphone cover outlet iphone cover original iphone custodia outlet cover samsung custodia cover custodia iphone cover samsung custodia cover custodia samsung Bring a note from your Scout Leader or a parent that you have these marked off in your Scout books. 2 Do the following:

4 Do the following:

Moscow Mountain Cabin — MARCH 15,16th

Capture 42

We were hoping this would be a cool snowy hike, but it will be fun anyway. coque iphone 4 cover iphone Those who hit the mountain on the last Moscow Mountain overnighter know how cool this cabin area is.

Each boy bring $5

Food — Breakfast Saturday will be provided, mess kit will not. coque samsung a5 custodia samsung outlet Dinner, lunch, and snacks are to be packed in. coque samsung a40 huawei custodia outlet Please pack lots of good energizing snacks. coque huawei p10 custodia samsung The boys are free to get a buddy, or a few buddies and coordinate among themselves for group meals if desired.

We understand this is the same day as the merit badge clinic. coque samsung a7 cover shop online In the future, we will avoid those monthly events. coque iphone cover iphone custodia We are very sorry to any boy who has to choose.

Just ask me (Greg), Clint or Mike if you need any support in helping your boy prepare. coque samsung a20 iphone cover outlet I have helped boys pack up for their first campout — don’t be shy!

  • We’re leaving from the church at 3:30pm, Friday March 15th.
  • Please arrive closer to 3, to help pack up the rigs with gear.
  • We will be returning late afternoon on Saturday.
  • If you need check out equipment from the scout closet, come early.
  • Cold weather camping takes preparation.

City Council Meeting – Tuesday, Feb 19th

Get your popcorn and milkduds, coque huawei p20 cover iphone 6 plus custodia iphone cover original samsung custodia outlet cover custodia samsung custodia samsung outlet its time to see our city government in action!

Next week’s City Council meeting is a good opportunity. coque samsung a20 cover shop online cover iphone outlet cover iphone outlet cover shop online cover custodia samsung It will also satisfy an Eagle-required badge requirement.

Capture 40

The meeting doesn’t have a set end-time, coque samsung a5 samsung custodia original cover iphone 6 plus custodia iphone cover outlet custodia de telephone samsung galaxy cover custodia iphone but I’ve checked out the last few meeting minutes,

Schweitzer Engineering Lab Tour – Monday, Feb 18th

Capture 39

Not there… coque iphone 4 cover iphone custodia outlet cover iphone iphone cover outlet iphone cover outlet custodia samsung s8 cover samsung custodia cover iphone x custodia outlet the manufacturing facilities aren’t as sparkly, but WAY more interesting. coque samsung a6 cover iphone 7 plus custodia outlet samsung custodia outlet iphone 8 plus custodia outlet custodia samsung custodia samsung s8 Your YM presidency has arranged a tour for the boys on their day off, Monday, 18th. custodia samsung store custodia samsung s7 edge custodia samsung outlet iphone 7 custodia outlet cover samsung custodia cover iphone custodia cover custodia samsung This will be a memorable, amazing experience. cover iphone x custodia outlet custodia samsung italia custodia de samsung custodia de telephone samsung galaxy iphone custodia outlet cover iphone custodia samsung custodia s8 There’s robots and everything, its really cool. coque huawei p10 custodia samsung store iphone 7 custodia outlet custodia samsung shop iphone custodia outlet Meet at the church at 9:30am They’ll see —

  • electronic assembly equipment
  • robotic odd form placement equipment
  • transformer assembly equipment
  • milling machines
  • water jet (see water cut through metal!)

James Kesler is our “in” — he needs names of everyone going before 2pm Thursday. coque huawei samsung custodia outlet iphone cover outlet iphone custodia outlet custodia samsung store iphone cover outlet custodia samsung cover custodia iphone This is a hard cut-off time. coque iphone 4 covero iphone custodia samsung a8 iphone custodia cover iphone 8 custodia outlet custodia de samsung galaxy iphone cover outlet cover iphone 8 plus custodia outlet So… coque samsung a10 cover iphone x custodia outlet custodia iphone iphone 8 plus custodia outlet samsung custodia original cover custodia iphone cover custodia samsung custodia de telephone samsung galaxy even if you think maybe you and/or your boy MIGHT go, comment below like right now.

Puffer Butte, Jan 1-3

It’s that time of year when the Terre View YM head to Puffer Butte Lodge at Fields Spring State Park.

Capture 5

We’ll be headed down at 1pm on new year’s day. coque samsung a20 We will be returning the late afternoon of January 3rd. coque iphone 5 Besides the main hall there are several out-buildings, among which are cabins with bunks. coque iphone 6 cover iphone x custodia Although activities often go late into the night, some boys can sleep in the great hall, cover samsung custodia or in the cabins. coque huawei p30 The following details will be updated in the coming weeks All Meals will be provided by the Ward 🙂 Activities:

  • ping pong
  • board games
  • sledding (probably not)
  • night-games (outdoor)
  • oreinteering
  • hiking
  • cooking
  • team-building fun-xercises
  • Spiritual Fireside
  • Marshmellow roasting by the fire


  • Blue Troop 446 Class B Shirt (If you don’t have one, custodia silicone samsung a8 you can get one on the trip)
  • Good Winter coat
  • Base Layer(s)
  • Lighter coat or jacket
  • Longsleeve shirt(s)/sweatshirt(s)
  • Good socks (wool, or cold weather socks recommended)
  • Layering clothing usually works best.
  • Pack extras of clothing items, custodia samsung shop in case you get wet…
  • Winter Hat
  • Winter Gloves (water proof or resistant is best, not the lightweight yarn ones that just get soaked.)
  • Good Winter Boots would be best (hiking boots will do in a pinch)
  • Cup or Mug for Hot-Cocoa
  • Water Bottle
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Flashlight
  • Compass (if you have one)
  • Snacks for yourself
  • Snacks to share
  • Optional: Pillow, other bedding as desired, iphone cover original Pocket Knife (if you have one, cover iphone 8 plus custodia outlet No fixed blade knives!), Games to share (including sports equipment, such as footballs, soccer balls and frisbees)
  • See Equipment page for further details and guidance on what to bring.

Mountain Man Rendezvous — April 26, 27th

14 years+ Scouts (You too Eagle Scouts):

Capture 71 Come to Scouts this week if you are interested in going. coque iphone 6

  • Black power shootin’
  • Bow and arrow
  • Trap shootin’
  • Hawk and knife throwin’
  • log sawin’
  • Orienteerin’
  • Colter run
  • Primitive Camp
  • Dutch oven cook-off
  • Campfire yarnin’
  • Awesome Prizes!

Cost: $13 before 4-12,