Aaronic Priesthood Encampment ’14 — August 8th, 9th

Teancum Timbers LDS Camp

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We are to be on-site at noon, coque iphone xr and done around 7pm on Saturday.

We are in site 12: Mormon

Note: leaders should bring their own tent/sleeping arrangement

Schedule of events

Aug 8 8:30 Optional: Mountain biking (Brad Capawana) 12:00 arrive, coque huawei nova setup, coque huawei pro lunch (on own) 1:30 opening: Lloyd Smith @ Promised Land; Paradise Ridge raise flag 2:00 activity a(12), b(13), c(14-15), d(16-17) 5:00 dinner @ Dining Area 6:00 activity a(13), coque autres galaxy samsung b(14-15), coque samsung a10 c(16-17), d(12) 9:00 fireside: Steve Pennington @ amphitheater; Pioneer Hill retire flag 10:00 Optional: Stargazing (Debbie Capawana) Aug 9 8:00 breakfast @ Dining Area; Terre View raise flag 9:00 activity a(14-15), b(16-17), coque iphone 5 c(12), d(13) 12:00 lunch @ Dining Area 1:00 activity a(16-17), coque samsung a20 b(12), c(13), d(14-15) 4:00 break camp 5:00 dinner @ Dining Area 6:00 close (Mark Robinson/Michael Pickard) @ Promised Land; Quail Run retire flag 7:00 depart


Capture 187 View or print the Encampment 2014 Schedule and site map

Registered Attendance:

  1. Jonathan Campbell
  2. Austin Garza
  3. Josh Carter
  4. Jace Carter
  5. Ryan Campbell
  6. Jacob Limburg
  7. Jerome Campbell
  8. Kegan Williams
  9. Javier Garza
  10. Brady Carter (need to confirm)
  11. Eric Limburg (need to confirm)
  12. Mike Larsen (arrive at 4pm,

Stake Youth Conference

Capture 16

Like Ralph’s balloon, the chance to go to the 2014 Stake Youth Conference will disappear fast. All you need to know about this weekend is right here, coque samsung a7 folks!

When: Registration will begin at 3:30 on Friday the 13th (ooooooh). cover iphone 8 plus custodia Conference ends Saturday at 6pm.

Where: Lewiston Stake Center – 836 Preston Ave., coque samsung a8 Lewiston, ID

— Meet at the Church at 2:30 for carpooling —

How: The organizers have the challenge of handling hundreds of peoples’ packs. They have asked everyone to put all their stuff (sleeping bag, iphone custodia outlet pillow, clothes bag, coque huawei p9 everything) in a large “leaf bag” style plastic bag and clearly label with with the youth’s name.

I’m thinking sharpy on duct-tape…. or silver sharpy directly on plastic?

Youth Conference 2014 PACK LIST

  • Friday Sunday dress
    • Girls: modest, knee length dresses or skirts/blouses, dress shoes
    • No leggings or short skirts
    • Boys: Button down dress shirt, coque samsung a10 iphone 7 custodia outlet tie, slacks, dress shoes
    • No jeans, polo, knit or T-shirts
  • Saturday Modest Casual dress (YC TShirt will be provided for all to wear)
    • Girls: modest pants, nice jeans (no holes), or Capris
    • Boys: casual pants, nice jeans (no holes), or knee length shorts (no basketball shorts)


  • Leave cell phones, cover samsung custodia IPods/MP3 players, gaming systems, personal video devices at home
  • A “Book of Mormon” costume (This can be a robe, a tunic, or just a length of material to drape over one shoulder with a belt and headband. Please do not purchase anything, coque samsung a20 and keep it simple.)
  • A set of scriptures
  • Personal journal and pen or pencil (optional)
  • Leave cell phones, huawei custodia IPods/MP3 players, custodia de samsung galaxy gaming systems, personal video devices at home
  • Sleepwear/Pajamas, coque iphone 11 undergarments
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Other needed personal hygiene or Medications
  • Towel
  • Leave cell phones, IPods/MP3 players, gaming systems,

Moscow Mtn. Cabin – Feb 21-22


(Age 14+, or those turning 14 and will be attending the high adventure)

Dust off the backpacks — We are making another run for Moscow Mountain’s Warnick Cabin Capture 42 This time we’ll put our Klondike Derby skills to the test. iphone cover outlet Since it is 2 miles in the snow uphill almost the entire way there, coque samsung it will be an awesome sled ride back to the car! Also, cover iphone 8 plus custodia outlet our destination has bunks and a wood-burning stove. coque huawei p10 cover custodia huawei As such, coque samsung a5 cover iphone custodia we’ll will not need sleeping pads, cover shop online just sleeping bags will suffice. coque samsung a6 However, coque samsung a70 winter boots and proper outerwear is a must. coque iphone 6 custodia iphone We will be going over these requirements, and pack-list at mutual. coque huawei p9 iphone custodia outlet

  • This will satisfy one of the 3 required hikes to go on the high adventure.
  • Leave on Friday Feb 21,