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Posted, below, is the text of an email from the Stake Primary Presidency on Day Camp this year. This gives most of the details.  Some important ones have been highlighted.

If any of the boys would like to camp overnight, please let us know. We’ll need to find a Father willing to go with them.

Brother Williams will be going up Saturday Morning, and will meet scouts there. Get in touch if we need to arrange rides/carpooling for your son.

As always, please contact us with any questions/concerns, etc.

Email Text:
“As 11 year-old Camp approaches, we are getting excited and preparing for the fun! Camp will be on June 3rd and 4th at Robinson Park. We have reserved the camping facilities for scout troops that would like to camp as a troop on Friday, June 3rd. Troops are welcome to attend any or all of the scheduled activities. The following is a schedule and a packing list.
Friday, June 3:
5:00 pm – Check in and set up
7:00 pm – Dinner -provided by the Stake Primary Presidency
8:00 pm – Patrol Yells and Paper Bag Skits
Saturday, June 4:
7:00 am – Breakfast -provided by the Stake Primary Presidency
8:00 am – Stations (First Aid, Tools, Navigation)
9:30 am – Snacks -provided by the Stake Primary Presidency
10:00 am – Wildlife Speaker/Activity
11:00 am – Take down and return home
Overnight Packing List:
Sleeping Bag
Insect Repellant
General Packing List:
Totin Chip 
Pocket Knife
Mess Kit
Water Bottle

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